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There are three boxes. One contains apples, another contains oranges and one contains both apples and oranges. All three boxes are labelled incorrectly so that no label identifies the contents of the box. Opening just one box, without looking inside, take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit you have, how can you immediately know all the contents of the boxes.?


Looking for a new way to enhance your English speaking skills? Studying abroad gives you ample opportunities to practice your listening and comprehension. But sometimes you may not have had enough time to practice speaking. To give you a chance for your brain and your mouth to work together, Youdospeak offers you personalized feedback on your speaking skills and a way to monitor your improvement. (번역)

How it works:

1. Record your answer using your smart phone!

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3. Review your feedback before moving to your next question!

How to start:

After selecting your first question from our speaking packs page, record your answer in 2 minutes using your smart phone. Send your answer to youdospeak, and receive feedback on your speaking skills. All feedback is personalized and human-generated. After you receive your feedback, review it by writing it down. Then select your next question!



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