Phonetic Spelling

Youdospeak Phonetic Spelling is based on the way vowels sound in commonly spelled words called ‘Word Families’.

For example, because words commonly spelled with /aw/ like,

law        saw        raw

[l/aw]   [s/aw]    [r/aw]


have the same sound as words spelled with the short /o/ like,

got         hot       a lot

[gaw/t] [haw/t] [uh/law/t]


dog            job

[daw/g]  [jaw/b]


drop            stop

[draw/p] [staw/p]

the short /o/ is represented by [aw] on the Vowel Chart.

Word Families are also used to teach English-speaking children to read and write. (See: Common Word Families)