Speaking by Topic


아래의 주제를 사용하여 여러분의 스피킹실력을 키워보세요. Record and Send

Dealing with Stress           Getting a Job                   Having a Family       Having Friends    

Getting Married                 Having Children               Believing in God      Making Friends     

Getting Older                    Having Faith                    Being Happy            Having a Pet    

Speaking a Language       Learning a Language      Travelling the World      Being Adventurous

Living in a City                   Living in the Country       Living Abroad           Going on a Trip    

Being Intelligent                 Looking Attractive           Going on a Date       Falling in Love

Breaking Bad Habits          Forming Good Habits     Eating Healthy          Working Out   

Going on a Diet                  Quitting Smoking           Playing Sports          Using the Internet    

Going Shopping                Going to the Movies        Watching TV            Going to the Beach     

Starting a Business           Becoming Successful      Investing Money       Spending Money     

Recalling Childhood          Having Dreams               Having Goals             Achieving Goals

Taking the Subway            Having a Hobby             Managing Stress        Making a Plan     

Surviving Danger               Fighting Crime                Ending Corruption     Having Courage

Living in the Present          Remembering the Past   Planning for the Future