Story Time


여러분이 겪은 특별한 경험을 이야기 형식으로 얘기해보세요.

만약 무엇에 대해 얘기해야 할 지 결정하기 힘들다면, 아래의 Story Time질문에 답해보세요.

S1 What’s an unusual experience you had with learning English abroad?

S2 Have you ever been scared? Describe the situation that made you scared.

S3 Have you ever had a date from hell? What happened and why was it so bad?

S4 Is there a story your parents tell about you as a small child? Tell us this story.

S5 Have you ever needed to call the police? What situation caused you to call?

S6 Talk about a near-death experience you had. Was there a time when you were in danger?

S7 Have you ever fallen in public? Was it embarrassing or funny? Tell that story.

S8 Did you ever meet someone famous? Talk about that experience.

S9 Has anything ever happened to you that you can not explain?

S10 Tell the story about the time you stopped believing in Santa Clause.