Your Children

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Q256 What type of parent do you want to be? Strict or Flexible? Why?

Q257 How many children do you plan to have? How many girls and how many boys?

Q258 How many children do you have? What are your children like?

Q259 Are boys easier to raise than girls? Why or why not?

Q260 Should children have to do chores around the house? Why or why not?

Q261 Should children have to wear uniforms or their own clothes to school?

Q262 Is television, movies and video games bad for children? Why or why not?

Q263 Do you believe that children should be spanked when they misbehave? Why or why not?

Q264 Do you think children should be allowed to watch anything they want on TV?

Q265 Do you think children should be allowed to play video games?

Q266 Do you think extra curricular activities are good for children? Why or why not?

Q267 What is a good way to encourage children to be more active?

Q268 How would you encourage children to play less video games?

Q269 Where is the best place to raise children? In the countryside or in a city?

Q270 Should parents continue to support their children past the age of 18? Why or why not?