Your Culture

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Q61 What’s a suitable way to greet people in your culture?

Q62 What is considered rude behavior in your culture?

Q63 What’s a popular insult in your culture? When would someone say it?

Q64 Explain how age is documented in your culture? What calendar is followed?

Q65 If you could be reborn in another culture, what culture would you choose and why?

Q66 What do people do when they want to lose weight in your culture?

Q67 What a good thing to do on a rainy day in your culture?

Q68 Who are the top 3 performers in your culture today?

Q69 Describe the nightlife in your culture. What would you recommend about it?

Q70 Describe the drinking culture in your country.

Q71 How is Christmas celebrated in your culture? Is there anything special that happens?

Q72 What’s the newest drama on TV these days? Why are people watching it?

Q73 What is a controversial film in your country? Why was it so controversial?

Q74 What annual festivals take place every year in your country?

Q75 Explain what ghosts look like in your country? How are they different from ghosts in other countries?