Your Education

Select a question:

Q101 What was your major? Why did you choose this major?

Q102 When you were in school, what subjects did you like the most and which subjects did you like the least?

Q103 What was a typical day for you as a student in school?

Q104 Who was a teacher that impressed you the most? What’s the most important thing they taught you?

Q105 Do you have a favorite teacher or professor? Why is he or she you favorite?

Q106 If you could go back to school and study anything, what would you study? Why?

Q107 Have you ever studied abroad? What was your life abroad like?

Q108 What are the advantages or disadvantages of studying abroad?

Q109 Which college and universities are considered the best in your city? Why are they the best?

Q110 Should university be free? Why or why not?