Your Looks

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Q31 What do you look like? Try to describe your appearance in terms of your height, etc.

Q32 Who do you look like more, your mother or your father? What’s similar?

Q33 Is it important to care about ones image? Why or why not?

Q34 What’s the standard of beauty in your country?

Q35 Who’s appearance do you admire the most these days? Why?

Q36 What are the differences between Western beauty and Eastern beauty?

Q37 Do you think people should get plastic surgery to enhance their looks? Why or why not?

Q38 Are there disadvantages to being attractive? What would those be?

Q39 Do you believe that inner beauty is more important than the outward appearance? Describe why?

Q40 What do you think of people with tattoos or piercings? Do you think people with tattoos can be beautiful?