Your School

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Q196 What is your major? Why did you choose this major?

Q197 Describe the process of getting into university? Was it easy or difficult?

Q198 What will you do after you graduate? Describe your next step.

Q199 What subjects did you like and which subjects did you dislike?

Q200 Do you have a favorite professor? Why is he or she your favorite?

Q201 Is there a teacher you didn’t like? Why don’t you like him or her?

Q202 Do you live in a dormitory? How is that different from living at home?

Q203 Are you involved in any clubs at school? Describe what your club does.

Q204 What was high school like compared to college or university?

Q205 What was  a typical day for you as a student in high school?

Q206 If you could study abroad, what country would you choose and why?

Q207 What are the advantages or disadvantages of studying abroad?

Q208 Can a person who didn’t go to university still be successful in life? Why or why not?

Q209 What are the benefits of going to university compared to not going to university?

Q210 Should going to university be free? Why? Why not?