Would you like to know what you’re doing wrong when you speak? Would you like to know what you’re doing right?Introducing youdospeak Speech Editing. Speech Editing gives you detailed feedback on your English speaking skills. If you are studying abroad or have already returned to your home country, you may be wondering how correct and natural you speak. 

It’s very simple to find out:

First answer our free Trial Question and using your smart phone, send us your recorded answer.

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With youdospeak, you will be able to correct your mistakes, practice your speaking skills, and measure your progress.

You can also register to receive regular feedback here.



  1. Anonymous

    Heyyy congratsss
    haha yea i was quite busy with enjoying Korea lol
    add my kakao ID below
    this website looks very simple and AWESOME!!!

  2. Hyebin Sarah Cheon

    Oh wow! looks simple! I like the way look and also easy to find and click it all 🙂 Nice one Leia! I can’t wait for using this website 😀


    Hi.. leia!!

    you opened on-line teaching room as well? that is great.. I believe that would be excellent way for anyone knocking ‘English World’. And i guarantee how awesome you are as a Teacher!!

    Thanks to your enthusiasm and efforts, I have been able to do invaluable things.

    that is the word i can say about you!!

    Sinheon Kang